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GroupDocs Test Task

Automated tests for the GroupDocs web application.

Running Tests


You will need a version of the Java Runtime Environment installed


Before you will be able to run these tests, you need to have Python 2.6 installed.


easy_install pip

followed by

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt (To install all needed python lib's)

Running tests locally

To run tests locally it's a simple case of calling from the GroupDocs directory.


To change an account:

  1. Create an account on the GroupDocs instance
  2. Edit 'email' and 'password' vars in with your credentials

To change application instance (by default set to -

  1. Edit variable self.base_url in

note Tests configured to run on Firefox To change this:

Edit self.selenium variable according to selenium syntax (e.g. webdriver.IE(), etc.)

Running tests in TeamCity

You will need a version of the Team City installed

  1. Deploy TeamCity on your local machine and pin to any port
  2. Create new Admin Account and New Project
  3. Go to Project Configuration
  4. Enter General info about project
  5. Skip VCS Settings section
  6. On Build Step, select Command Line type of runner
  7. Put Command executable: python
  8. And Command parameters: path to GroupDocs tests script(e.g. C:\GroupDocs\
  9. Skip all other steps and Run the build
  10. Click on Run Button in Projects Page
  11. Check the results after run

TeamCity is communicate with tests throug teamcity-messages lib - unittest addon for sending test result messages to TeamCity