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Swift Heroku Slack Command

This is a simple Slack Command Integration implemented in Swift using the Curassow webserver which uses a pre-fork worker model.

The complanion blog post can be found on my Open Source Swift blog.


Note: This will currently only build with the 12-01 snapshot release of Swift, not with the most recent 12-18 snapshot. The updated Swift package manager broke the Curassow build for version 0.2. The Curassow devs have already fixed this issue, but the fix hasn't made it into a release yet. For now, just use the 12-01 snapshot of Swift to build this project. The Swift buildpack (linked below) will already pull the correct snapshot of Swift to use on Heroku (via the .swift-version file), so deployment should still be good.

$ swift build --configuration release
$ ./.build/release/SlackJokeCommand
Listening on


This example can be deployed to Heroku using the heroku-buildpack-swift.