One line Javascript maps, featuring Leaflet.
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Stupid Simple Map

One line Javascript maps, featuring Leaflet.

Leaflet maps are already pretty easy to use, but what if you want it EVEN EASIER?

The stupid simple map puts a leaflet map on your web page, automatically loading Leaflet if needed.

It defaults to a 500px square map of the world, centered at (0,0). You can change:

  • The zoom
  • The center
  • Map dimensions
  • Which basemap to use (street or satelite view)
  • If a marker is placed at the centerpoint of the map


Simply put this line in your HTML where you want a map to appear:

<script src='ssmap-min.js'></script>

You can also specify several options:

<script src='ssmap-min.js?lat=-90&lon=45&z=8&mark=true&tiles=map&w=50%'></script>


All options are optional. If you do not provide an option, one will be provided for you.

lat       : latitude (decimal degrees)
lon       : longitude
div       : the div to place the map in  (string)
h         : height of the map div (including units. eg 500px)
w         : width of the map div
z         : map zoom level. 1-18
tiles     : basemap to use. 'sat' or 'map'
mark      : create a marker on the center of the map? (true or false). Defaults to true if the center is not 0,0