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Welcome to Sturdy! 📣🐣

Real-time code collaboration.

Sturdy is an open-source version control platform that allows you to interact with your code at a higher abstraction level.


  • Interact with version control at a higher abstraction level (e.g. no need for pushing, pulling, stashing etc.)
  • Discover work-in-progress code within your team in real-time
  • Try your teammate's code locally with a single click
  • Suggest code changes / ideas to a colleague by simply typing in your IDE
  • Cloud or self-hosted!
  • Enhance your existing GitHub setup, or break free and use standalone Sturdy


  • Sturdy Cloud - Lets you use all Sturdy features, fully managed by the team behind Sturdy. Ship code to your projects, review, and ship code. Using 100% Sturdy, or Sturdy on top of GitHub. Get started for free.
  • Sturdy Enterprise - Run Sturdy in your own environment.
  • Sturdy OSS - The fully Open Source version of Sturdy! Provides all the core functionality for free, and completely Open Source.

Get Started

Want to run Sturdy on your machine?

docker run --interactive \
    --pull always \
    --publish 30080:80 \
    --volume "$HOME/.sturdydata:/var/data" \

Learn more

See the Sturdy Docs to learn more about Sturdy and why it's cool!


See for instructions of how to build and develop Sturdy.

We're hiring!

Come and help make Sturdy even better! We're growing and are hiring for multiple positions.


This repository contains both OSS-licensed and non-OSS-licensed files.

All files under any directory named enterprise fall under LICENSE.enterprise.

The remaining files are licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.