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A Sass mixin library
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###A Sass(SCSS) mixin and variable library

What the heck is this thing?

A work in progress for one.

This is my 'starting point' with Sass on all the projects I undertake.

It's got some base default files of components and typography already created and ready to go so I don't have to re-type things.

It's also got some Sass mixins that I've created and curated over the last year.

You may think "not another one?" but yes, another one. This is written in a way that I like to code my Sass. It may not be to your liking like Inuit or Bootstrap isn't entirely to my liking.

That's a good thing. I believe we should all have our own little frameworks for ourselves/companies that work how we work.

It's in part in my belief that we should be making our code delicious.

In time I'll be moving over my own developed guidelines from my other boilerplate project and expanding on this readme file.

Thanks for looking.

Kiss my Sass.

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