Simple jQuery plugin to rotate text
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Simple jQuery plugin to rotate text, rotate images (banners), or any other html.


Add to head of your html document

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.textrotator.min.js" />

Add your html markup

  • add different display time duration by adding data-duration="1000" . This adds 1s duration
  • add different easin and easout easing by adding data-easingin="swing" data-easingout="linear".
  • add random = true to randomize the li elements.
		<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.textrotator.min.js" />
		#my-textrotator {list-style: none; padding:0; margin: 0 0 24px;}
		#my-textrotator li {display: none;}
		<ul id="my-textrotator">
			<li data-duration="10000" data-easingin="swing" data-easingout="linear" >Text 1</li>
			<li>Text 2</li>

Add javascript code for calling the Rotator.

<script type="text/javascript">
			random : false,
			fadein : 1000,
			fadeout : 500,
			duration : 5000,
           	easingin: 'swing',
            easingout: 'swing'		

Adding Wordpress


[tritem duration="5000"  easingin="easeInElastic"]<div style="background-color: red ;margin-top: 6px; padding: 100px 12px; text-align: center;">Slide 1</div>[/tritem]
[tritem duration="10000"]<div style="background-color: blue ;margin-top: 6px; padding: 100px 12px; text-align: center;">Slide 2</div>[/tritem]
[tritem duration="1000" ]<div style="background-color: green;margin-top: 6px; padding: 100px 12px; text-align: center;">Slide 3</div>[/tritem]

The functions.php File

add_shortcode('tritem', 'turple_shortcode_tritem');
function turple_shortcode_textrotator($att, $content = null){
	$banner = '<ul class="textrotator" style="list-style: none; padding: 0; margin: 0 0 24px">' . do_shortcode($content) .'</ul>';	
	return __($banner);

add_shortcode('textrotator', 'turple_shortcode_textrotator');
function turple_shortcode_tritem($att, $content="null"){	
	return '<li style="display: none" '.
		(isset($att['duration']) ? ' data-duration="'.intval($att['duration']).'" '  : '') .
		(isset($att['easingin']) ? ' data-easingin="'.intval($att['easingin']).'" '  : '') .
		(isset($att['easingout']) ? ' data-easingout="'.intval($att['easingout']).'" '  : '') .
		'>'. do_shortcode($content) . '</li>';

Errata or Issues

If you find and issues please fill out an Issues request