An api to recieve gesture events from a Leap Motion device
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Pole Vault

A library to simplify working with the Leap Motion detector.

Pole Vault is a basic pubsub/observer. It monitors the Leap Motion detector and throws events when certain gestures are recognized.

polevault.on( event, callback )


  • frame - a frame arrived from the detector.

Hand Motions

  • punch - a closed fist goes forward on a line then stops suddenly.
  • knock - a closed fist moves down or forward while the wrist stays still
  • dribble - an open hand goes down then stops, like a basketball.

Finger Motions

  • tap - a finger goes down then stops suddenly.
  • point.start, point.end - the only finger on a hand holds still for a moment.


  • wave - a vertical hand rotates.

  • wave.start

  • wave.stop

  • shake - a fist moves back and fourth quickly.

  • shake.start

  • shake.stop

  • pinch, spread, rotate.


Create a plane with three points (or two and a direction) and receive events when it is crossed.

Technical Difficulties


  • clap - two hands close in on each other. When two hands meet they they are detected as one.
  • hand/pointer.enter/exit - the device will randomly send one frame without a hand or pointer, or falsely report one for a single frame.


  • sweep - all fingers start to move suddenly in the same direction. When fingers get too close to the palm the device is unable to detect them.