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Group 7UP


  • Benjamin Huber
  • Ian Outhwaite
  • Raymond Zeng
  • Zachary Zimmerman


  • Made test file that loads content into a layout -ZZ
  • Spent ~80 minutes reading through the Flask quickstart and experimenting with the examples. Briefly looked at Jinja and HTML documentation as well. - RZ
  • Wrote Outline for general project design, looked at more Python stuff for the program including some of the shelf implementation -IO
  • Started some basic styling -ZZ
  • added -IO
  • is basically done! Now just a few more minor methods (get top ranked per question, ect) -IO
  • has been done for a while now, along with all the templates (though one got deleted?). Up with datastorage buddy Raymond trying to get to work, but encountering various issues involving (among other things) variables without assigned values and correct implementation of the methods -IO


Login Page & Profile Page

  1. Your Data

    • Your total points and average points
    • Your average Points per question and in total
    • See comments (anonymously) with each comment's respective rating
  2. Your Groups

    • Current Group
      • Give points to other members per question
      • Give comments per question
    • Past Groups
      • Give points to other members per question
      • Give comments per question
  3. Ranking/Points

    • Top 10 Overall from both classes
    • Top Ten per question
    • See your rank and points in relation to everyone else's
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