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Group 3

Members: Peter Jasko | Leopold Spohngellert | Denis Plotkin | John Haggerty

What we each did this weekend of 9/22-9/23:

* * * Peter Jasko Played with flask and jinja: routing,wrote a is it christmas page where you enter the date after the / and if it is it is 1225 a heading state IT IS CHRISTMAS appears. Anything else after the / results in a heading saying that is is not christmas.I spent an hour skimming the flask doccumentation on a car ride to boston. * * * John Haggerty I set up/installed virtualenv and flask. I took a look at the flask documentation as well as the jinja page. I spent about a half an hour looking through the documentation. * * * Leopold Spohngellert I set up flask and read some of the documentation. I'm working on fully understanding the direct relation between templating and coding. Our group decided that half of us will be coding while the other half works on templating. * * * Denis Plotkin I set up and tried out virtualenv. I also installed flask and went over some examples on the flask website, as well as what we covered in class. I spent time reading through the documentation for flask to better understand its capabilities, as well as its syntax. I spent just under an hour on all of this. * * * * * *

The Hard Coders: Leopold Spohngellert, Denis Plotkin

The Design Gurus: John Haggerty, Peter Jasko