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Mengdi Lin: I played around with Flask and briefly read through its documentation for around 30 minutes. I have a rough idea of how I can use it to generate urls. I read over a part of the sample code that pertains to user login. The codes included request.form() method which I am confused about. Also, I still don't understand what is a request object. For our first project, I am still shaky about storing data on a website and getting user's feedback.

James Decker: I'm sorry that I didn't update this earlier, but I installed Ubuntu yesterday and I didn't figure out how to do everything until today (I know, it's pathetic). I installed everything and will be working with it through the week.


James Decker: I installed Ubuntu Sunday afternoon/evening and had a hard time getting everything together, and I still haven't got everything working yet (posting from Windows, since somehow my commits and pushes did not work). I do however have everything installed, and it seems like it will be working when I really dive into it this week.

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Brian Lam: Over the weekend, I did some research on how to install Python virtual environments on Windows. I sent out an email to the group to help the other people who are using Windows (I use Windows because my computer's ethernet doesn't work when I run Ubuntu for some reason). After finding out how to activate the virtual environment, I installed Flask and Jinja.

UPDATE: October 8th, 2012 Since the last time I have updated this readme file, I have made some major progress on this project. It was nice to get some practical reasons to practice CSS rather than mindlessly drilling the CSS format into my head. Flask and Jinja are simple languages, but for some reason, have a torturous learning curve. Part of it has to do with the amazingly uninformative error messages. I'm having issues with the submit button and having Flask recognize that it should bring the user to another page, but I'm sure I'll be able to fix that soon.

Bernie Birnbaum