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You are a programmer. This morning you signed up for an email account and soon after received a job offer; you're excited to get started. But be careful, because you're about to get sucked into a deadly world of trickery and espionage.


  • You recieve a simple job offer that you quickly complete.
  • You do a couple of follow up jobs.
  • You discover that you hav hacked the government! You want out.
  • They blackmail you; you have no choice. You have to keep working for them.
  • Eventually you hack them, and escape the world of danger.

So every mission you have will fit into the plot above, but will also be a coding and hacking puzzle. This is a game of danger, deceit, and learning.

Puzzle Ideas

  1. Someone emails you saying that he's friends with Mike Zamansky; Z referred you to him as a capable programmer, and he wants to hire you for a job. You are to hack into his son's school's grade server so he can pass a failing class needed to graduate. The login password is hidden in the HTML source (it's pretty easy). You update the grade, email him back, the server checks the update happened, and then replies with thanks and a new offer.

  2. "I think my wife is cheating on me. Can you crack her email and get me some information?" You hack into her email, which is another account on the same email server, and find emails from a suspicious individual that are encrypted with a relatively simple cypher. You reply with the encrypted code - he thanks you, but gives you no further job offers.

  3. You are stumped, so you try to decrypt the code yourself. It's a simple substitution cypher. It turns out that his "wife" is actually a government agent and you have stumbled on potentially illegal information. You reply saying that you have discovered the true meaning of the code and that you are confused/upset he gave you a malicious task. He replies saying that you passed the "test", which was to see if you could decrypt the code on your own - and now that you have hacked into a government agent's email, he blackmails you into completing further missions for him (lest you be reported to the authorities for hacking).

  4. He needs some money to buy new hardware, so he asks you to hack into an online banking site and transfer $5,000 to him (he gives you the bank routing number and his account but not enough to log in). He doesn't have another account to steal the money from, so you are responsible for finding one yourself. When browsing the site, you find a news story similar to the urban legend ( which gives you an account number to steal from. You log in and transfer the funds over. Your agent warns you that the FBI might be tracing suspicious transfers, and you should delete the transaction logs. He gives you the email account of a random employee ( and tells you about XSS and how you can do this to get into his account, find the email of someone who can audit transaction history, and then repeat it to get his bank login info. You log in to the auditor's dashboard, delete the transaction logs, and complete the mission.

Other Elements

It is possible to lose the game. "Overhacking" -- doing things you are not supposed to -- or failing to cover your tracks in later missions, will lead to the FBI following your trail and arresting you. When you lose the game all pages on the server while you are logged in will redirect to a page that gives you a game over message (with an explanation of what happened, and your progress) and an option to log out. You cannot "save" or "revert" your progress at any point to avoid this; you must start over. The same "game over" message is displayed upon winning the game, but it is more congratulatory than "lol you failed".


You will need Flask, Gunicorn, PyYAML, and Faker (fake-factory in pip). Start the project with python and then navigate to http://localhost:6680.