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Before deploying MemcacheQ, make sure that following packages have been installed:
Berkeley DB 4.7 or later
Download from <>
How to install BerkekeyDB::
$tar xvzf db-4.7.25.tar.gz
$cd db-4.7.25/
$cd build_unix/
$sudo make install
libevent 1.4.x or later
Download from <>
How to install libevent::
$tar xvzf libevent-1.4.x-stable.tar.gz
$cd libevent-1.4.x-stable
$sudo make install
On a linux, load .so file by add two line in /etc/
Then, run 'ldconfig'.
Building MemcacheQ
On a \*nix, just following::
$tar xvzf memcacheq-0.2.x.tar.gz
$cd memcacheq-0.2.x
$./configure --enable-threads
$sudo make install
Start the daemon
For example::
memcacheq -d -r -H /data1/memcacheq -N -R -v -L 1024 -B 1024 > /data1/mq_error.log 2>&1
Stop the daemon
It is safe to call 'kill <pid>' directly to stop the daemon. But be careful with kill -9.
Because MemcacheQ is using fixed-length storage, so you should use '-B' option to specify the max length of your message. Default is 1024 bytes. Any message that shorter than the length you specified will be padded with '0x20', the space character. A message includes following bytes::
<your queue name bytes> + <message metadata(9 ~ 20+ bytes)> + <your message body bytes>
Use "-h" option to see more configures.
Have fun :)
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