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Install the Game Closure DevKit

  $ git clone
  $ cd devkit
  $ ./

Type basil to begin. At any time, you can update to the latest tag:

$ basil update

This gets the latest version, or basil update -c (beta, social...) to update to the latest version of that channel.

Initialize a new project:

$ basil init myapp

And in your application directory:

$ basil serve

Build Android

Set android.root in config.json to your android path.

	"android": {
		"root": "your/path",
    "key": "your key",
    "keystore": "/path/to/your/keystore",
    "keypass": "yourpass",
    "storepass": "storepass"

Then run:

$ basil build native-android [--debug] [--deploy]

Build iOS

Set ios.root in config.json to your ios path.

	"ios": { "root": "your/path" }

Then run:

$ basil build native-ios [--debug] [--deploy]


  • Node 0.8+
  • Git 1.7.10+
  • Java Runtime

Code Layout

|-- bin
|   `-- basil 					# the basil executable
|-- lib 						# libraries (most of these are submodules). Check the 
|   | 							#     Submodule Overview section below.
|   |-- NativeInspector
|   |-- gcapi
|   |--
|   |-- squill
|   |-- timestep
|   `-- tealeaf-build-tools.jar # java tools (xslt, closure compiler, spriter).
|-- node_modules 				# the typical node_modules directory created by npm
|-- priv 						# private developer tools.
|-- sdk 						# check the sdk Directory section below.
|-- src
|   |-- basil.js 				# the main basil script
|   |-- common.js 				# helpful functions for basil development
|   |-- git.js 					# utility class to manage git
|   |-- projectManager.js 		# utility class to manage game projects
|   |-- about
|   |   `-- about.js 			# standard about/credits text printer
|   |-- deploy
|   |   `-- index.js 			# to deploy your app to the game closure dev portal
|   |-- init
|   |   |-- index.js 			# initialise a new project, optionally with a template
|   |   `-- templates 			# templates for the init function
|   |-- register
|   |   `-- index.js 			# register an existing project to show it in basil
|   |-- reinstall
|   |   `-- index.js 			# (re)install a built game on a connected android phone
|   |-- serve 					# server. more information below in the Server section.
|   |-- update 
|   |   |-- list.js 			# list available versions of the DevKit
|   |   `-- update.js 			# update the DevKit
|   `-- update-android
|       `-- index.js 			# update the android project (very deprecated)
|-- test 						# unit tests for basil using mocha
`-- tools
    |-- shims
    |   |-- shimMaker.js
    |   `-- timestepShims.json
    |-- timestepShims
    `-- upgradeTargets


|-- index.js 		# the javascript that configures and launches an express server
|-- plugins
|   |-- about 		# the pane that shows the GC logo and the version updater
|   |-- fonts 		# the font builder pane
|   |-- native 		# the pane showing the native inspector
|   |-- projects 	# the project selection pane
|   `-- simulate 	# the plugin serving the simulation page
`-- public 			# base html and some utility classes

The server frontend is built using jsio and squill. The server itself is built using express.

Each plugin in the plugins directory is a pane, and each plugin also has some plain javascript that should set up the express routes and some other functionality.

For example, the about plugin:

|-- manifest.json
|-- plugin.js
`-- static
	|-- Pane.js
	`-- style.css
  • manifest.json is a manifest for the pane, including the display name of the pane, version, author, etc.
  • plugin.js contains some javascript to update the DevKit, and as such has the main functionality of this pane.
  • static contains the css (style.css) and the javascript (Pane.js) that contains the layout of the pane.

sdk Directory

|-- api  			-> basil/lib/gcapi/api/
|-- jsio 			-> basil/lib/
|-- lib   			-> basil/lib/timestep/lib/
`-- squill 			-> basil/lib/squill/

The sdk directory points to several modules. These are added to the import path by default, so that you'll be able to import anything inside these directories via jsio.

Submodule Overview

|-- NativeInspector
|-- gcapi
|-- squill
`-- timestep


NativeInspector is the Webkit Inspector, but for attached android phones running Game Closure DevKit games.


Non-game engine related javascript that is still necessary for projects that don't use timestep. is used for all Game Closure DevKit games, and the DevKit itself. In particular, gives you import statements

import ui.View as View;

and a class structure

exports = new Class(/*superclass*/ ui.View, function(supr) {
	this.init = function(opts){
		//called on constructor

		//call the superconstructor
		supr(this, 'init', opts);

This allows for 'proper' object-oriented programming in javascript.


squill is a ui library using javascript. The web frontend of the DevKit is built using squill, as are some UI components in timestep.


timestep is the game engine behind Game Closure DevKit games. It includes a view hierarchy, audio, multiple ui components, etc.


Addons exist under basil/addons. In basil they are stored as submodules. When releasing, harvester will grab the submodule at the commited reference and tag it with the same version as basil. The install script will look inside the addon-registry to determine what type of addon. There are two types of addons.

Core: Core addons are released with the DevKit so they are always in sync.

User: User addons are not as closely tied and need to specify in the registry what version of the DevKit it supports.

For core addons, the install script will checkout the same version as the DevKit. User addons will checkout the latest version supported.


Basil uses ports in the range 9200 - 9240. 9200 - 9220 are used for simulating projects, and other utilities and services use the remaining ports.

  • 9220 - Native Webkit Inspector
  • 9221 - Native Webkit Inspector
  • 9222 - Native Webkit Inspector
  • 9223 - Unused
  • 9224 - Unused
  • 9225 - Native View Inspector
  • 9226 - Native View Inspector
  • 9227-9240 - Unused