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-# Jekyll-Bootstrap
-The quickest way to start and publish your Jekyll powered blog. 100% compatible with GitHub pages
-## Usage
-For all usage and documentation please see: <>
-## Version
-0.2.13 - stable and versioned using [semantic versioning](
-## Contributing
-This repository tracks 2 projects:
-- **Jekyll-Bootstrap Framework.**
- The framework for which users should clone and build their blog on top of is available in the master branch.
- To contribute to the framework please make sure to checkout your branch based on `jb-development`!!
- This is very important as it allows me to accept your pull request without having to publish a public version release.
- Small, atomic Features, bugs, etc.
- Use the `jb-development` branch but note it will likely change fast as pull requests are accepted.
- Please rebase as often as possible when working.
- Work on small, atomic features/bugs to avoid upstream commits affecting/breaking your development work.
- For Big Features or major API extensions/edits:
- This is the one case where I'll accept pull-requests based off the master branch.
- This allows you to work in isolation but it means I'll have to manually merge your work into the next public release.
- Translation : it might take a bit longer so please be patient! (but sincerely thank you).
-- **Jekyll-Bootstrap Documentation Website.**
- The documentation website at <> is maintained in the gh-pages branch.
- Please fork and contribute documentation additions to this branch only.
-The master and gh-pages branch do not share the same ancestry. Please treat them as completely separate git repositories!
-## License
-[Creative Commons](
+Personal Website of Steven Davie

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