✔Check the TLS protocol support of one or more web servers
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Check the TLS protocol support of one or more web servers


Pass one or more hostnames with optional port to see a list of supported protocols that each server supports.

npx tls-check google.com https://bing.com github.com:443
Checking TLS against 3 website(s)...

❌ google.com SSLv3_method
✔ google.com TLSv1_method
✔ google.com TLSv1_1_method
✔ google.com TLSv1_2_method

❌ bing.com SSLv3_method
✔ bing.com TLSv1_method
✔ bing.com TLSv1_1_method
✔ bing.com TLSv1_2_method

❌ github.com SSLv3_method
❌ github.com TLSv1_method
❌ github.com TLSv1_1_method
✔ github.com TLSv1_2_method


This is beta software so the API may change at anytime.