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Implementation of Mench Aergere Dich Nicht

The game is played by four players (red, blue, green and yellow) each with four pieces.
A player wins if she manages to move all her tokens to the home row from the starting position, traversing the full board in a clockwise direction.
The following rules apply:
* Players play in turns in clockwise order starting with the person that wins a first roll.
* A turn starts with a die roll.
* If the player rolls six she can move a piece onto the game.
* Otherwise she may move one token the exact number of steps in clockwise direction.
* If a token is moved on top of token, the other token is returned to the starting position and has to start over.
* In the home row, tokens 'bounce' off the end, reversing direction for the remaining steps in a throw.
* If possible, one should always move.
* Whenever the player rolls a six, she may do another turn.
* If no token can be moved, the turn ends without moving.


Implementation of Mensch Aergere Dich Nicht, a German boardgame, in Elm.



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