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// Variables for base
$system-fonts: -apple-system, 'BlinkMacSystemFont', 'Segoe UI', 'Roboto', 'Oxygen', 'Ubuntu', 'Cantarell', 'Helvetice Neue', sans-serif
// Colors
$dark: #2c3e50
$gray: #95a5a6
$light: #ecf0f1
// Borders
$b-color: $dark
$b-radius: .25rem
$b-width: 1px
// Media Query Break Points
// Undefined = 0 - 25.99rem
// Large Phones (416px width)
$sm: 26rem
// Tablets (752px width)
$md: 47rem
// Notebooks and Desktops (1200px width)
$lg: 75rem
// Components for base
color: $dark
font-family: $system-fonts
margin: 0
margin: 0
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