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🧚‍♀️Turn your React function components into responsive components with style props using Style Hooks and Emotion
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A suite of utilities for adding responsive style props to your React components using Emotion

Use @style-hooks to seamlessly add themes, CSS-in-JS styles, variants, breakpoint props, a css prop, and an as prop to any React function component.

For a styled-components-like interface, check out @style-hooks/styled.

/** @jsx jsx */
import React from 'react'
import {css, jsx} from '@emotion/core'
import {createStyleHook, createElement, ThemeProvider} from '@style-hooks/core'
// Your very own style hook
const useBox = createStyleHook('box', {
  w: (value, theme, props) => css`
    width: ${value +};
// Accompanying component w/ style props using
// your style hook
const Box = props => {
  props = useBox(props)
  // createElement here provides this component
  // an 'as' prop, you could also use emotion's
  // jsx()
  return createElement('div', props)
// The theme for your app
const theme = {box: {sizeUnit: 'px'}}
// Usage w/ theme
const App = () => (
  <ThemeProvider theme={theme}>
      Shows off the 'as' prop, 
      followed by 'breakpoint props',
      followed by the 'css' prop
      w="200:phone 300:tablet"
      css={theme => css`
        @media ${} {
          height: 200px;
          background-color: hotpink;

        @media ${theme.breakpoints.tablet} {
          height: 300px;
          background-color: skyblue;
      Hello world from this {'<main>'}


npm i @style-hooks/core @emotion/core

yarn add @style-hooks/core @emotion/core


Check out @style-hooks on CodeSandbox

API Documentation

Complete documentation can be found here

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