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Stylecow plugin to add support for CSS Color Module Level 4
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stylecow plugin color

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Stylecow plugin to add support for CSS Color Module Level 4

  • Hex + alpha colors: #26f3 or #2266ff33
  • Support for gray(): gray(50%)
  • Support for color() to calculate color conversions: color(red tint(50%)).

The available color modifiers supported inside color() are:

  • alpha() / a(). Modify the alpha channel: color(green a(0.5))
  • red(). Modify the red channel: color(blue red(+55))
  • green(). Modify the green channel: color(blue green(+55))
  • blue(). Modify the blue channel: color(blue green(+55))
  • rgb(). Modify the red,green,blue channels: color(blue rgb(+55, -23, +12))
  • saturation() / s(). Modify the saturation: color(blue s(50%))
  • lightness() / l(). Modify the lightness: color(blue l(50%))
  • whiteness() / w(). Modify the amount of white: color(blue w(50%))
  • blackness() / b(). Modify the amount of black: color(blue b(50%))
  • blend(). Blends a color with other: color(blue blend(yellow, 50%))
  • blenda(). Blends a color with other including the alpha channel: color(blue blenda(rgba(23, 12, 123, 0.3, 50%))
  • tint(). Calculate the percentage of a color to white: color(red tint(50%))
  • shade(). Calculate the percentage of a color to black: color(red shade(50%))
  • contrast(). Calculate the color with a enought contrast to be readable in front of: color(red contrast(50%))

You write:

p {
	background: color(red alpha(0.5));
	color: color(blue tint(50%));
	border-color: gray(50%);

And stylecow converts to:

p {
	background: rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.5);
	color: #7F7FFF;
	border-color: #7F7F7F;

More demos in the tests folder

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