@probablyup probablyup released this Nov 28, 2018 · 1 commit to master since this release

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  • Fix function-form attrs to receive the full execution context (including theme) (see #2210)

  • Adjust innerRef deprecation warning to not be fired if wrapping a custom component, since that underlying component may not be on forwardRef yet and actually using the prop (see #2211)

  • Expose the ThemeConsumer and ThemeContext exports for the native and primitives entries (see #2217)

  • Remove createGlobalStyle multimount warning; Concurrent and Strict modes intentionally render the same component multiple times, which causes this warning to be triggered always even when usage is correct in the application (see #2216)

  • Folded components are now targetable via component selector as in v3 if you used the old .extend API (see #2239)

  • Don't treat uppercased strings as tag-like components and don't filter out props from them (see #2225)