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@probablyup probablyup released this Mar 23, 2019 · 37 commits to master since this release

Thanks to our amazing contributors for leading the charge on this big minor release! Awesome perf stuff in there and QOL changes in preparation for v5.

  • Reduced GC pressure when using component selector styles. (see #2424).

  • Add svg tag marker to domElements.js (see #2389)

  • Make the GlobalStyleComponent created by createGlobalStyle call the base constructor with props (see #2321).

  • Move to Mono repository structure with lerna @imbhargav5 (see #2326)

  • Expose StyleSheetContext and StyleSheetConsumer for you fancy babes doing wild stuff

  • Filter suppressClassNameWarning to not to pass down to the wrapped components @taneba (see #2365)

  • Fix an edge case where React would break streaming inside <textarea> elements, which have special child behavior and aren't a suitable place to inject a style tag (see #2413)

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