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@probablyup probablyup released this Apr 7, 2020 · 97 commits to master since this release

New Functionality

  • Add shouldForwardProp API (almost the same as emotion's, just a slightly different usage pattern); #3006

    Sometimes when composing multiple higher-order components together, it's possible to get into scenarios when multiple layers consume props by the same name. In the past we've introduced various workarounds for popular props like "as" but this power-user API allows for more granular customization of what props are passed down to descendant component children when using the styled() HOC wrapper.

    When combined with other APIs like .attrs() this becomes a very powerful constellation of abilities.

    Here's how you use it:

    const Comp = styled('div').withConfig({
      shouldForwardProp: (prop, defaultValidatorFn) => !['filterThis'].includes(prop),
      color: red;
    render(<Comp filterThis="abc" passThru="def" />);
    # Renders: <div className="[generated]" passThru="def"></div>

    The second argument defaultValidatorFn is what we use internally to validate props based on known HTML attributes. It's provided so you can filter exactly what props you don't wish to pass and then fall-back to the default filtering mechanism if desired.

    Other methods on the styled HOC like .attrs can be chained after withConfig(), and before opening your template literal:

    const Comp = styled('div').withConfig({
      shouldForwardProp: (prop, defaultValidatorFn) => !['filterThis'].includes(prop),
    }).attrs({ className: 'foo' })`
      color: red;
    render(<Comp filterThis="abc" passThru="def" />);
    # Renders: <div className="[generated] foo" passThru="def"></div>

    Thanks @stevesims and all that contributed!

  • Add "transient props" API; #3052

    Think of transient props as a lightweight, but complementary API to shouldForwardProp. Because styled-components allows any kind of prop to be used for styling (a trait shared by most CSS-in-JS libraries, but not the third party library ecosystem in general), adding a filter for every possible prop you might use can get cumbersome.

    Transient props are a new pattern to pass props that are explicitly consumed only by styled components and are not meant to be passed down to deeper component layers. Here's how you use them:

    const Comp = styled.div`
      color: ${props => props.$fg || 'black'};
    render(<Comp $fg="red">I'm red!</Comp>);

    Note the dollar sign ($) prefix on the prop; this marks it as transient and styled-components knows not to add it to the rendered DOM element or pass it further down the component hierarchy.


  • Fix slow SSR Rehydration for malformed CSS and increase fault-tolerance (see #3018)

  • Change isPlainObject (internal method) to support objects created in a different context (see #3068) thanks @keeganstreet!

  • Add support for the <video disablePictureInPicture> (see #3058) thanks @egdbear!

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