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v4.0.5 2019-03-15

  • Fix for missing propTypes on space function

v4.0.1 2019-02-27

  • Fix for props in textStyles and colorStyles

v4.0.0 2019-02-23

  • Rewritten core for less code duplication
  • No longer merges returned style object, but returns arrays instead, which should work with common CSS-in-JS libraries
  • space function has been rewritten with the core style and compose utilities
  • Adds long-form props for margin and padding (e.g. marginTop). Shorthand aliases still work as before.
  • Reintroduces the alias argument to style utility
  • Removes the styles object export
  • Removes the util object export
  • Removes merge utility
  • Removes the mixed utility since it did not behave as expected
  • The theme "scale" is now passed as the second argument to the transformValue option in style utility
  • Removes the ratio style function
  • The following changes to the borders style function
    • The shorthand border props no longer transform numbers to pixel widths with a solid border-style
    • Adds borderWidth, borderStyle, borderColor, and borderRadius props
    • All border props are also available as individual imports
  • Removes styleType from prop types meta fields
  • Changes to the get utility: now returns the last argument as a fallback
  • Rename bgColor to backgroundColor

v3.2.1 2019-01-02

  • Adds prop types for objects #366

v3.2.0 2019-01-02

  • Allow object syntax for responsive values #341

v3.1.12 2019-01-02

  • Allow nested objects for #352

v3.1.11 2018-10-11

  • Bugfix: remove usage of in operator in get utility

v3.1.10 2018-10-10

  • Convert numbers to pixels with keyed space values

v3.1.9 2018-10-10

  • Allow getTheme to return falsy values

v3.1.8 2018-10-10

  • Use Babel runtime

v3.1.7 2018-10-10

  • Fix for breakpoints numbers not being converted to pixels

v3.1.6 2018-09-23

  • Fix .npmignore

v3.1.5 2018-09-23

  • Update docs

v3.1.4 2018-09-19

  • Fix for passing falsy value as first item in array values

v3.1.3 2018-09-14

  • Add module field to package.json

v3.1.2 2018-09-14

  • Fix missing styles object keys

v3.1.1 2018-09-14

  • Patch to debug broken release

v3.1.0 2018-09-11

  • Upgrade to Babel 7


  • Performance rewrite
  • Simplified API
  • Faster
  • Smaller


  • variant
  • compose
  • css


  • style utility is now responsive by default
  • All built-in style functions now support responsive array values
  • backgroundImage no longer wraps values with url()
  • buttonStyle prop has been renamed to variant
  • The style utility getter argument has beend renamed to transformValue
  • util.get no longer supports a fallback argument


  • propTypes[prop].meta (temporarily removed)
  • responsiveStyle use style instead
  • complexStyle use variant instead
  • complexStyle (variant) boolean props are no longer supported
  • pseudoStyle
  • hover
  • focus
  • active
  • disabled
  • fontSize and width no longer support shorthand props
  • alias option
  • numberToPx option (pass util.px to the transformValue argument instead)
  • util.neg
  • util.arr
  • util.getWidth
  • util.fallbackTheme
  • util.breaks
  • util.dec
  • util.getValue



  • Metadata for supporting system-docs package



  • CSS Grid utilities



  • Reorganized code base



  • More utilities for CSS properties
  • fontFamily
  • display
  • minWidth
  • height
  • maxHeight
  • minHeight
  • size (width & height)
  • alignContent
  • order
  • borders utility that normalizes the API with other styled-system utilities
  • backgroundImage
  • backgroundSize
  • backgroundPosition
  • zIndex
  • top
  • right
  • bottom
  • left


  • Uses verbose naming convention for textAlign, alignItems, justifyContent, flexWrap, and other CSS properties
  • style, responsiveStyle, and pseudoStyle utilities now accept getter and getters arguments for converting values
  • Rewritten with ES module syntax
  • DRYer code base for utilities like fontSize, width, and color
  • The repo has been reorganized as a monorepo
  • The flexWrap utility now expects a string value for its prop (previously a boolean)
  • The borderTop, borderRight, borderBottom, and borderLeft props no longer accept boolean props, but follow the same convention as other utilities
  • The default spacing scale has changed to [ 0, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 ] (this only affects usage without a custom provided
  • Number values for breakpoints are now converted to px instead of ems to better match the rest of the library
  • The theme utility has been renamed to themeGet (alternative names under consideration)
  • The pseudoStyle arguments API has changed to more closely align with style and responsiveStyle


  • The cleanElement utility is now a separate package, removing the react dependency from the core library
  • The borderWidth utility has been replaced with the borders utility
  • The theme utility has been renamed to themeGet (alternative names under consideration)
  • removeProps utility
  • idx utility
  • Legacy responsiveStyle arguments API
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