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Reference Table

Styled System is organized into categories of style props. Each function provides the following props and maps to scales defined in a theme.


import { space } from 'styled-system'
// or `import space from '@styled-system/space'`

<Box m={2}>
Prop CSS Property Theme Field
m, margin margin space
mt, marginTop margin-top space
mr, marginRight margin-right space
mb, marginBottom margin-bottom space
ml, marginLeft margin-left space
mx, marginX margin-left and margin-right space
my, marginY margin-top and margin-bottom space
p, padding padding space
pt, paddingTop padding-top space
pr, paddingRight padding-right space
pb, paddingBottom padding-bottom space
pl, paddingLeft padding-left space
px, paddingX padding-left and padding-right space
py, paddingY padding-top and padding-bottom space

Styled System provides subsets of space category: margin and padding.


import { color } from 'styled-system'
// or `import color from '@styled-system/color'`

<Text color="white" bg="black">
Prop CSS Property Theme Field
color color colors
bg, backgroundColor background-color colors
opacity opacity none


import { typography } from 'styled-system'
// or `import typography from '@styled-system/typography'`

<Header fontFamily="Helvetica" fontSize={2}>
Prop CSS Property Theme Field
fontFamily font-family fonts
fontSize font-size fontSizes
fontWeight font-weight fontWeights
lineHeight line-height lineHeights
letterSpacing letter-spacing letterSpacings
textAlign text-align none
fontStyle font-style none


import { layout } from 'styled-system'
// or `import layout from '@styled-system/layout'`

<Box width="100%" height={32} overflow="hidden" />
Prop CSS Property Theme Field
width width sizes
height height sizes
minWidth min-width sizes
maxWidth max-width sizes
minHeight min-height sizes
maxHeight max-height sizes
size width height sizes
display display none
verticalAlign vertical-align none
overflow overflow none
overflowX overflowX none
overflowY overflowY none


import { flexbox } from 'styled-system'
// or `import flexbox from '@styled-system/flexbox'`

<Flex alignItems="center" justifyContent="space-between">
Prop CSS Property Theme Field
alignItems align-items none
alignContent align-content none
justifyItems justify-items none
justifyContent justify-content none
flexWrap flex-wrap none
flexDirection flex-direction none
flex flex (shorthand) none
flexGrow flex-grow none
flexShrink flex-shrink none
flexBasis flex-basis none
justifySelf justify-self none
alignSelf align-self none
order order none

Grid Layout

import { grid } from 'styled-system'
// or `import grid from '@styled-system/grid'`

<Grid gridGap={2} gridAutoFlow="row dense">
Prop CSS Property Theme Field
gridGap grid-gap space
gridRowGap grid-row-gap space
gridColumnGap grid-column-gap space
gridColumn grid-column none
gridRow grid-row none
gridArea grid-area none
gridAutoFlow grid-auto-flow none
gridAutoRows grid-auto-rows none
gridAutoColumns grid-auto-columns none
gridTemplateRows grid-template-rows none
gridTemplateColumns grid-template-columns none
gridTemplateAreas grid-template-areas none


import { background } from 'styled-system'
// or `import background from '@styled-system/background'`

Prop CSS Property Theme Field
background background none
backgroundImage background-image none
backgroundSize background-size none
backgroundPosition background-position none
backgroundRepeat background-repeat none


import { border } from 'styled-system'
// or `import border from '@styled-system/border'`

<Box border={1} borderRadius={2}>
Prop CSS Property Theme Field
border border borders
borderWidth border-width borderWidths
borderStyle border-style borderStyles
borderColor border-color colors
borderRadius border-radius radii
borderTop border-top borders
borderTopWidth border-top-width borderWidths
borderTopStyle border-top-style borderStyles
borderTopColor border-top-color colors
borderTopLeftRadius border-top-left-radius radii
borderTopRightRadius border-top-right-radius radii
borderRight border-right borders
borderRightWidth border-right-width borderWidths
borderRightStyle border-right-style borderStyles
borderRightColor border-right-color colors
borderBottom border-bottom borders
borderBottomWidth border-bottom-width borderWidths
borderBottomStyle border-bottom-style borderStyles
borderBottomColor border-bottom-color colors
borderBottomLeftRadius border-bottom-left-radius radii
borderBottomRightRadius border-bottom-right-radius radii
borderLeft border-left borders
borderLeftWidth border-left-width borderWidths
borderLeftStyle border-left-style borderStyles
borderLeftColor border-left-color colors
borderX border-left & border-right borders
borderY border-top & border-bottom borders


import { position } from 'styled-system'
// or `import position from '@styled-system/position'`

<Box position="absolute" top={0} left={0} right={0} bottom={0}>
Prop CSS Property Theme Field
position position none
zIndex z-index zIndices
top top space
right right space
bottom bottom space
left left space


import { shadow } from 'styled-system'
// or `import shadow from '@styled-system/shadow'`

<Text textShadow="2px 2px #ff0000" boxShadow="5px 10px #888888">
  Text with shadows
Prop CSS Property Theme Field
textShadow text-shadow shadows
boxShadow box-shadow shadows


Note: The prefered API for variants has changed. The following is a reference for legacy variant APIs.

import { textStyle, colorStyle, buttonStyle } from 'styled-system'
// or `import { textStyle, colorStyle, buttonStyle } from '@styled-system/variant'`

<Button variant="primary">Primary</Button>
<Button variant="secondary">Secondary</Button>
Function Name Prop Theme Field
textStyle textStyle textStyles
colorStyle colors colorStyles
buttonStyle variant buttons