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@jxnblk jxnblk released this Feb 25, 2019 · 161 commits to master since this release

  • Rewritten core for less code duplication
  • No longer merges returned style object, but returns arrays instead, which should work with common CSS-in-JS libraries
  • space function has been rewritten with the core style and compose utilities
  • Adds long-form props for margin and padding (e.g. marginTop). Shorthand aliases still work as before.
  • Reintroduces the alias argument to style utility
  • Removes the styles object export
  • Removes the util object export
  • Removes merge utility
  • Removes the mixed utility since it did not behave as expected
  • The theme "scale" is now passed as the second argument to the transformValue option in style utility
  • Removes the ratio style function
  • The following changes to the borders style function
    • The shorthand border props no longer transform numbers to pixel widths with a solid border-style
    • Adds borderWidth, borderStyle, borderColor, and borderRadius props
    • All border props are also available as individual imports
  • Removes styleType from prop types meta fields
  • Changes to the get utility: now returns the last argument as a fallback
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Feb 12, 2019
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