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Write maintainable CSS styleguides efficiently using a Markdown. See example ▸




$ npm install -g styledown
$ styledown --help

npm version

How it works

Styledown is made to work in most web development setups. It doesn't favor any framework or language or any preprocessor.

  • Document your CSS files with inline comments, or as a separate .md file.
  • Create a file with styleguide configuration.
  • Invoke styledown *.css > styleguide.html.
  • Enjoy your styleguide! Read more about the format.

Quickstart guide

Here's a generic guide on getting started with Styledown on any project. We're gonna assume that you're using Sass and that your project bundles all CSS files into one file.

Let's assume that your files are in css/, and that your final styleguide will be in public/styleguide.html.

                    Example setup

.----------------------.     .---------------------.
| css/                 |     |                     |
|        |     |  public/            |
|     button.scss      | ==> |    styleguide.html  |
|     forms.scss       |     |                     |
|     whatever.scss    |     |                     |
'----------------------'     '---------------------'

Step 1: Document

Document your project's stylesheets with inline comments, or as separate .md files.

 * Component name:
 * `.your-component-here` - documentation on what your
 * component is goes here. Markdown is encouraged.
 *     @example
 *     div.your-component-here
 *       h3 Sample code
 *       p goes here

.your-component-here {
  display: block;

Read more: Documenting ▸

Step 2: Configure

Make a file, let's call it (styledown --conf > This lets you define what will be in the output head/body.

# Styleguide options

### Head

    link(rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/application.css")
    link(rel='stylesheet' href='')

### Body

    h1 My Awesome Styleguides

The first one (application.css) should point to your project's concatenated stylesheets. The second and third one (styledown.css and styledown.js) point to the default Styledown CSS/JS files.

Read more: Configuration ▸

Step 3: Build

Invoke styledown to generate an HTML file. (Make sure that the extras.css is passed on the end, since anything after the "Styleguide options" heading is ignored.)

$ styledown css/*.css css/ > public/styleguides.html


Now open public/styleguides.html in your browser.


Styledown generates .html styleguides. It can take CSS files or Markdown files, or a combination of the two.

Inline CSS mode: Parses comments from CSS files. This is what happens when you pass .css, .sass, .scss, .less and .styl files.

$ styledown *.css > styleguide.html

Markdown mode: Takes Markdown files.

$ styledown *.md > styleguide.html

Markup format

Read more: Markup format ▸


Styledown © 2013+, Rico Sta. Cruz. Released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by Rico Sta. Cruz with help from contributors.  ·  GitHub @rstacruz  ·  Twitter @rstacruz