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@styleguidist-bot styleguidist-bot released this Mar 31, 2018 · 325 commits to master since this release

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Breaking changes

Node.js 6 is the lowest supported version

Styleguidist doesn’t support Node.js 4 anymore.

(#744 #839 by @kohgpat)

New format of template option

We’re now using mini-html-webpack-plugin and @vxna/mini-html-webpack-template instead of html-webpack-plugin.

This will make things like adding a favicon or fonts from Google Fonts much easier.

If you’re using a custom HTML template, you need to update your style guide config.

// 6.x
module.exports = {
  template: './styleguie/template.html'

// 7.x
module.exports = {
  template: {
    // This is just an example, there are many more available options
    favicon: ''

See more in the docs.

(#896 #907 by @sapegin)

Changed Node.js API

server method now returns an object containing a webpack Compiler instance and the Styleguidist server, see examples in the docs.

(#828 by @cmswalker)

New features

Webpack 4 support

Webpack 3 is still supported too.

(#857 by @kontrollanten, #900 #901 by @rubenmoya)

Examples are wrapped in React.Fragment

You don’t need to wrap multiple JSX tags in a div anymore.

// 6.x
  <Button primary>Primary button</Button>
  <Button secondary>Secondary button</Button>

// 7.x
<Button primary>Primary button</Button>
<Button secondary>Secondary button</Button>

(#840 #842 by @tizmagik)


  • components option should accept arrays.
  • Do not convert URLs in Markdown to auto links (#793).
  • Improved accessibility (#893 by @gergely-nagy).

❤️ Huge thanks to @okonet for help with this release, CI and docs improvements.️ ❤️

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