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User guide

  • The CLI: Examples and exit codes for using the CLI.
  • The Node API: Options and examples for using the Node API.
  • The PostCSS plugin: Options and examples for using the PostCSS plugin.
  • Configuration: How to configure stylelint.
  • Example config: An example config that you can use as a blueprint for your own.
  • CSS processors: How to use the linter with a CSS processor, like SCSS or PostCSS plugins.
  • About rules: An explanation of rule names and how rules work together.
  • Rules: A list of stylelint's rules.
  • Plugins: A list of community plugins.
  • Processors: A list of community processors.
  • Complementary tools: List of community editor plugins, build tool plugins and other tools.
  • Release planning: Plans and calls-for-help for upcoming releases.
  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions about using and configuring stylelint.
  • Articles: A collection of articles and tutorials about stylelint.