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React Webpack Generator including Redux support
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Generator-React-Webpack - with Flux Support (using Redux)

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What is it for?

This generator can be used to create and manage projects that use React, Webpack and Flux (using Redux as implementation). It depends on generator-react-webpack as a base and extends it to create new reducers and actions.

What is included?

generator-react-webpack-redux includes support for creating new reducers (and tests), as well as the creation of actions and components.

It also has support for the the features that are available in its parent project, generator-react-webpack. This includes the run-configuration, webpack, esLint and test-environment.

Planned Features and updates

There are currently some features missing from the generator. These will be available in a later version:


Make sure your nodeJS version is >=4.5.0 <5.0.0 || >=5.10 and npm version is >=3.0.0.


npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-react-webpack-redux

Global npm packages

Install the following packages system wide, to decrease the time needed to scaffold a new project:

npm install -g phantomjs-prebuilt

Setting up projects

# Create a new directory, and `cd` into it:
mkdir my-new-project && cd my-new-project

# Run the generator
yo react-webpack-redux

Generating new reducers

yo react-webpack-redux:reducer my/namespaced/reducers/name
yo react-webpack-redux:reducer items

Generating new actions

yo react-webpack-redux:action my/namespaced/actions/name
yo react-webpack-redux:action addItem

Generating new components

yo react-webpack-redux:component my/namespaced/components/name
yo react-webpack-redux:component button

Generating new containers

yo react-webpack-redux:container my/namespaced/container/Name
yo react-webpack-redux:container wrapper


Please take a look at react-webpack-template for an in depth explanation or use npm run to get a list of all commands available for building and running your application.

Basics are:

  • npm start: Will start up the dev webserver
  • npm test: Run unit tests
  • npm run dist: Create the packed version


Contributions are welcome. If you find something is missing or there are errors hidden somewhere, feel free to add a new issue.

If you want to submit a pull request please do so from and against the develop branch.

Running Tests

npm test or node node_modules/.bin/mocha


MIT license

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