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Simple script to take the hassle out of making a company seating plan. (Needs npm and coffeescript installed).

Put the list of people in a csv file formatted like the data.csv and run :

coffee [params]

It gives you output.csv with the same list plus the table for each person at each round.


  • -f path : input filepath (default: data.csv)
  • -v : see it running
  • -R rounds : number of rounds (default: 3)
  • -t tables : number of tables, will be adjusted to fit -p (default: 12)
  • -p people : number of people per table (default: 8)
  • -d max : maximum number of people from a given department at a table (default: 2)
  • -r max : maximum number of people with the same previous round at a table (default: 1)

The script is useful but will stop if it can place people, so don't use too strict tests.


You can run it with our list of Middle Earth characters (see here) for exemple :

coffee -p 16 -d 6 -r 3 -v -R 4

works, and

coffee -p 16 -d 2 -r 3 -v -R 4