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'Write New Style'; Where is unsaved code located/stored? Ability to get it back if tab/Fx goes ballistic? #246

EvaparotangCote opened this issue Sep 27, 2015 · 0 comments


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@EvaparotangCote EvaparotangCote commented Sep 27, 2015

The problem

I was trying to hack together some code in the Stylish editor changing the look of Firefox.
I was using the Firefox built-in 'Ctrl+Shift+Alt+I' Inspector along doing this, not the DOM Inspector add-on.
Then something happened!⚡️💣💥 👻

I now have a totally blank page/Fx. I can right-click the page and go 'View Page Info', it says "about:blank" as the location.
In that window I can't do much or open any new tabs. Apart from the 'View Page Info' I also went Ctrl+N and got a new window. This window seems somewhat normal, though not everything works.
Thing is, I haven't closed and restarted the browser yet because I was quite happy with the code I had managed to produce. I'm wondering if there is a way to get it back without redoing all the steps and research ♻️.
I haven't restarted the browser yet as I'm not sure that Stylish/Fx will restore a tab with that code in it.
I know there's things like about:cache, 'stylish.sqlite', 'places.sqlite' and more. I was wondering is there something I can try to get that code. Is it cached 📝 somewhere? The blanked/full-on-ballistic window still accepts a 'Ctrl+Shift+Alt+I' command opening a new window with an Inspector for the blanked window. Doing that now and switching to 'Console' in that Inspector window gives the output:

error occurred while processing 'getCachedMessages: TypeError: object in compartment marked as invisible to Debugger

Can I somehow 🔦 see all the currently custom rules being applied to Fx and then filter away the rules of saved userstyles and add-ons, to get the code I was working on?
Are there some temporary file where it's stored? Is it in RAM, how can I get to it 🔍?

Would be quite an interesting feat 🏆 if this was accomplished. So there's a challenge for you ;)! 🏁 Up for it? Accepted? Impossible?
Do you think Fx/Stylish restores the code if I restart Fx? Anything I can do before restarting to make it do so?
Is there nothing I can do to save/rescue/get the code back?
Only option is restarting and trying/starting all over again?

Documentation and resources

Currently using Windows 8.1 64-bit
Firefox Developer Edition 42.0a2
it's a Firefox Portable instance.
So it's a Firefox 32-bit instance.
about:buildconfig says:

Built from

At some point I was asked about E10s/Electrolysis and choose to turn it on.
I'm using Stylish 2.0.2 with newest commits incorporated up till this one. (Couldn't figure out how to build/compile it, how it's supposed to, so just copied files over on top of latest AMO one.)
Indeed I'm using 6 other add-ons, all being the latest git commit versions at the time, having tried to build them or otherwise incorporating newest code into them myself.
Looking at about:about, then opening about:support, I see Fx has submitted and uploaded 3 crash reports to the internet over the last 3 days (actually the only 3/total crash reports listed on about:crashes). Even though when Iooking now, 'Enable Crash Reporter' in the 'Data Choices' preferences/options has no tick mark (✔️), meaning I have disabled that default option 🔌. I usually do that since I'm not fully comfortable with what is being sent. I seem to recall this having happened numerous times before, but shrugged it off. Why is Fx doing that (if it is)? Bug in Fx? Bug in Fx Portable? That setting not meaning what I thought/not possible to prevent this?
Anyway forthcoming is the links to the crash reports. I don't see them having visited urls in them, absolute system path names or anything else somewhat 'private/personal/sentitive' - I might be wrong, might regret doing this, but here goes since they're already on the internet.

  • First one (2/3) is maybe implicated/probably the one in this Stylish bug report/issue case: here.
  • Another crash is listed as happened later (3/3): here.
  • And yet another one (1/3) which surely happened way before this Stylish bug report/issue case: here.

Those reports have quite some specific data. Among it the names of my installed extensions. Some of the names are quite confusing though, so here is the 'normal' names in the same order I think;

These 'crashes' didn't actually crash Firefox in the old-sort-of-way (killing the window and process). Window stayed open. In the two cases (but not in this blanking/ballistic one) an obviously noticable '.tab-icon-overlay[crashed]' icon was shown over every tab favicon - first time I've seen this.

Various resources, some more relevant than others, I've glanced at without finding answer to my central questions: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 Bugzilla #1059855.

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