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kind: fill

Kind for “filling” elements using absolute positioned other ones.

Sides params

This kind can accept up to four numeric params (like padding or margin), for corresponding sides (props top, right, bottom и left):

kind: fill 10px 20px 30px 40px

You can use shorthands just like for padding:

kind: fill 10px 20px

Negative values are accepted too, of course:

kind: fill -1px

Background param

You can pass a color or url string as a param. The color passed this wat would become the element's background:

kind fill red

String would be wrapped with url() and would get the default bg styles:

kind fill 'pattern.png'

(we need to have there an option to write url(), otherwise we would have troubles with resolvers)

Colors and images could be combined:

kind fill -1px rgba(0,0,0, 0.5) 'pattern.png'

Params for the repeating of the bg image

By default the image won't be repeated, you can override it using the appropriate extra params:

kind fill 'pattern.png' repeat

kind fill 'pattern.png' repeat-x

kind fill 'pattern.png' repeat-y