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Fill issues for Patterns #8

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There would be a list of patterns we need to create:

  • button (or could there be another name? Like pill? While, button is more appropriate and common, it could distract users so they would think on such blocks' pressingness etc., which could be moved to a individual sub-pattern?)
  • icon — mostly those small inline things with middle vertical-align and small negative top margin. However, is it really needed? Maybe, as a wrapper for pseudo-icons etc.
  • action-wrapper, well, needs a better name. Could incorporate all those things. substitute? action? wrapper?
  • image, or picture or whatever, or, maybe frame? figure? The wrapper for images like userpics, illustrations etc, with optional ways to adjust their sizes etc.
  • aligner should align inner element both horizontally and vertically in it. Pseudos or optionally extra block.
  • input dunno what exactly there should be, resets? what?
  • field etc. — more important ones, maybe labelized inputs? Maybe remove input altogether, using always field and the input inside it as a subelement? Or, maybe, wrapper fits there perfectly?
  • box or block or isle or whatever.
  • popup — should contain only those positioning thingies, in other terms, anything should be able to be a popup.
  • arrow? Should this be a pattern, or moved into utilus or similar?
  • menu or list or whatever. There could be a lot of sub-thingies.
  • split should it be with menu or separate of it? Or it would be mostly skin-thing?
  • shrinker
  • toolbar? Or this could be a shrinker or a menu or something.
  • grids lol. Maybe two/three variants: one-liners and multiliners (+justify?)
  • typography lol
  • is-hidden
  • is-visually-hidden etc.
  • stretched or something like this — when block is poa+t0+l0+b0+r0
  • container — max-w + max-h for images, could go into image/figure as a modifier.
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