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Styra policy-check orb for CircleCI

What is this?

With this orb, you can quickly validate and enforce policies on Kubernetes resources in CircleCI workflows.

Note: To use this orb you need a valid Styra account, if you do not have one already, visit

How to get started

Step 1: Create an API Token - Token will be used in below steps

Go to -> Settings -> API Tokens -> Add API token

Step 2: Create a new System

Systems are displayed on the left-hand side. To add a new one, click the + next to the word "Systems" and fill

System name: a human-friendly name, so you remember which cluster is which

Description: more details about this cluster

Read-only: set to true only if you want to stop people from editing the policy in the GUI

Enable guardrails/rules you want to put in place for CircleCI checks

Note: Toggle the mode for the above rules from monitor mode to enforced

Click on publish

Step 3: Setup a CircleCI config.yml

Setup the config.yml to call the styra-policy-check job. Example:

version: 2.1

  styra-orb: styra/cli@0.0.7

  version: 2.1
    - styra-orb/styra-policy-check:
        context: SystemID_b6c4e9e6e9fa410991061f3fa3b3d0ca

Important: Specify the following Environment variables in your CircleCI project

$STYRA_TOKEN (Supply the API token generated in Step 1.) $STYRA_TENANT (E.g.,

Step 4: Create styra yaml in the root directory of the git repository

System id can be retrieved from -> System -> Settings. Specify this value for system_id variable in .styra.yaml

cat > .styra.yaml <<EOF
    system_id: b52e42c6ab574d9ab8bc5e7a86ce72ea
    policy: admission_control
       - k8s/prod/*.yaml
       - k8s/*/*.yaml
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