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2010-12-08 - v0.1.3 -
- use variables for script hrefs to make file names customisable
2010-03-02 - v0.1.2 -
- added queue html-links to qstatqueue
- queue instance alarm reasons are now incorporated (using div-titles which should be displayed as tool tips by browsers)
- added "queue" input string parameter for filtering output by queues
- job.xsl: show reasons for job error state
- job.xsl: show cpu utilisation in days, unit for io utilisation is GB
- qstat.cgi: allow owner queries containing *
- qstatqueue.cgi: correct expansion of queries with multiple *
- queue.cgi: use of explain option for getting queue instance alarm state reasons
2010-01-26 - v0.1.1 -
- added "tasks" column to pending jobs table
- job.xsl: some lists use <element> tags replacing individual element name tags
- job.xsl: support for parallel environment job options
2009-02-04 - v0.1 -
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