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Diaspora is a privacy-aware, personally-controlled, do-it-all open source social network. Check out our project site.

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  • develop: Build Status develop
  • Dependency Status
  • Code Climate

With Diaspora you can:

  • Make cool stuff
  • Share it across the web
  • Own your own data

Quick Start:

Here's how you can get a development environment up and running. This is where any new pod runner should start, as well as people looking to contribute to D*. This script assumes you have a basic Rails setup installed.

Step 1: Run the script and follow the on screen instructions.

  bash <(curl https://raw.github.com/diaspora/diaspora/master/script/install.sh)

Step 2: Run the development server

  rails s

then visit 'http://localhost:3000' in your browser.

Step 3 (for developers): Run tests


Step 4 (for everyone): Party.

Want a production setup? Having trouble with install script? Want to install D* the slow way?

Look to more specific install guides here.


We love community contributions, and we work extra hard to make sure every code contribution is looked at and given feedback. To help everyone involved, please review our Pull Request Guidelines to make sure all contributions are submitted smoothly.

Documentation is available on our wiki

Also, feel free to jump in and check things that need to be done in our Community Pivotal Tracker

Before submitting code, please sign our Contributor License Agreement Sign Here

More Resources: