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instant-markdown-d is a small Node.js server that enables instant compilation and previewing of Markup files. A plugin can easily be written for any text editor to interface with it. One currently exists for VIm:


  • [sudo] npm -g install instant-markdown-d


Action HTTP Method Request URL Request Body
Refresh Markdown on page PUT http://localhost:\<port> <New Markdown file contents>
Close Webpage DELETE http://localhost:\<port>

By default, <port> is 8090

Environment variables

  • INSTANT_MARKDOWN_OPEN_TO_THE_WORLD=1 - by default, the server only listens on localhost. To make the server available to others in your network, set this environment variable to a non-empty value. Only use this setting on trusted networks!

  • INSTANT_MARKDOWN_ALLOW_UNSAFE_CONTENT=1 - by default, scripts are blocked. Use this preference to allow scripts.

  • INSTANT_MARKDOWN_BLOCK_EXTERNAL=1 - by default, external resources such as images, stylesheets, frames and plugins are allowed. Use this setting to block such external content.