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I did a screencast to show: http://screencast.com/t/097egG9sTGtk

Doesn't do anything even tho it's installed correctly, right version, etc. All my other plugins seem to work tho.


Well I have similar issue. My browser just crash and I have to manualy open http://localhost:8090/ in browser.
After that refresh works fine. Maybe the same happens for you but without crash report. I use ubuntu 12.10.


suan commented Feb 13, 2013

@OscarGodson wow thanks for such a detailed bug report! Unfortunately I'm really busy lately and am not sure when I'll have time to dive into this. Do you all think #24 is the same issue? If so, my gut feeling is that either node.js itself, one of the node modules, or one of the Rubygems released a new version which broke somrthing...

Also look out for any weird messages you might have seen during installation...

@korin nothing is running on that port for me :(

@suan Maybe? Mine doesn't even open the tab at all. Like the video nothing happens at all. Everything installed fine it looks like too.


suan commented Feb 19, 2013

Did you guys get this error when installing? LearnBoost/socket.io#1126


suan commented Feb 19, 2013

@OscarGodson try doing echo "lala" | instant-markdown-d and see what you get. Make sure all the Rubygems and npm prerequisites are installed.


suan commented Mar 2, 2013

@bitboy90 Awesome find! I have just pushed a fix, which is completely in the backend. Do [sudo] npm -g update instant-markdown-d to get it.

I'm not sure whether this will solve the problems of everybody on this thread, but hopefully it does.

@suan So, I'm on a totally new computer, completely fresh everything, no errors installing any gems or anything and still doesn't do anything. The echo lala command opens socket.io in the browser on port 8090 and my browser displays the lala text.


Rob--W commented May 27, 2013

I followed the instructions in README.md, but it "just doesn't do anything".

I used :scrip and noticed that the plugin was not loaded.
Then, I used :filetype and saw that plugins were turned off.

The solution was to add filetype plugin on to ~/.vimrc. After that, Chromium was launched when I opened a README.md file. Chromium remained blank though, and it seems to be caused by the use of the three-backtick markdown syntax.

EDIT: I solved my last problem as well, my distro defaults to Python 3, and the library you're depending on expects Python 2. See suan/instant-markdown-d#10.

Works for me (Mac OS X 10.7.5, MacVim Snapshot 66) after doing the following:

  1. Echo lala successfully opened localhost 8090 in Chrome and displays lala in box. But opening a file in MacVim did not trigger display though syntax highlighting is active.
  2. Per Rob-W comment, I noticed that my plugins are off. Added filetype plugin on as instructed.
  3. Quit and restarted MacVim
  4. Now localhost 8090 opens but gets 404 error
  5. Quit and restarted MavVim again
  6. It works now.

-- Terry
(Long time vi user -- does anyone remember a VT100? -- but new to vim and plugins)


suan commented Jun 2, 2013

Thanks for reporting @Rob--W and @twestley! I've added an instruction in the README to ensure that filetype plugin on is present. Will be closing this issue if there are no more concerns.

@suan suan closed this Jun 6, 2013

FYI, I had this problem as well and discovered (after painstaking and tedious steps) that it was because I was using code fencing with syntax highlighting and spelled one of the code types wrong (javascrit instead of javascript). Might seem trivial and simple to catch but if your markdown is as long as mine is, it can be hard to know exactly what's wrong.

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