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$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ npm install
$ gunicorn main:app --log-file=-


docker build -t submod/mnist-app -f Dockerfile_final .

Integration With OpenShift

Ensure that you are connected to an OpenShift project

oc new-project test

Create the template for mnist web application.

oc create -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sub-mod/mnist-app/master/template.json

Once the tensorflow serving endpoints are created deploy the mnist-app. This app needs 2 serving endpoints.For more details look here tensorflow-serving-s2i

oc new-app --template=mnistapp --param=APPLICATION_NAME=mnist-app \
	--param=PREDICTION_SERVICE1=tf-reg \


The UI layer code was used with permission from Yoshihiro Sugi (@sugyan). The backend was redeveloped to work with tensorflow model server and openshift.