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git rev-parse HEAD > .git-ref
mkdir -p build/src
mkdir -p build/demo/kitchen-sink
mkdir -p build/textarea/src
cp -r demo/kitchen-sink/styles.css build/demo/kitchen-sink/styles.css
cp demo/kitchen-sink/logo.png build/demo/kitchen-sink/logo.png
cp -r doc/site/images build/textarea
./Makefile.dryice.js normal
./Makefile.dryice.js demo
./Makefile.dryice.js bm
rm -rf build
rm -rf ace-*
rm -f ace-*.tgz
ace.tgz: build
mv build ace-`./version.js`/
cp ace-`./version.js`/
cp LICENSE ace-`./version.js`/
tar cvfz ace-`./version.js`.tgz ace-`./version.js`/
dist: clean build ace.tgz
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