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One command deployment to heroku
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Makes it easy to push to heroku.


Add this to Gemfile:

gem 'push2heroku'


After installing the gem execute

rake push2heroku:install

It will put push2heroku.yml file in the config folder of your application.

Here is how it works

push2heroku reads the push2heroku.yml and executes those commands. It's that simple.

Lets say that I am working in a branch called 76-facebook-authentication. When I execute push2heroku then the application name under which it will be deployed to heroku will be nimbleshop-76-facebook-neeraj.

nimbleshop is the name of the application. 76-facebook is the first 10 letters of the branch name. neeraj is the first 5 letters of my github user name.

So in this case the url of the application will be .

In the push2heroku.yml file the keys production, staging and lab are branch names. And these branches are special branches. For these branches the url generated will be just the application name and the branch name. For example if I execute rake push2heroku from staging branch then the heroku url will be

If you want to reset the whole thing then you can force push2heroku into running everything like this

rake push2heroku HARD=true . This will do hard push.

  • it will push new content to heroku
  • it will reset the database
  • it will execute rake db:migrate
  • it will execute rake setup
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