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SystemVerilog Random Stability


Commands to run examples

Run instructions:

This code has been run with Synopsys VCS and with Mentor Graphics Questa Sim. General format

./ +define+<example_number> +SEED=<seed>
./ +define+<example_number> +SEED=<seed>

For example:

./ +define+EX_1_1 +SEED=20
./ +define+EX_1_1 +SEED=20

Commands to run example 1:


Commands to run example 2:

./ +define+EX_2 +define+EX_2_1
./ +define+EX_2 +define+EX_2_2
./ +define+EX_2 +define+EX_2_3

Example 2.4 is not shown in the article. In this example, we see an object newed within the thread. So, by hierarchical seeding rules .. you'll see that the first random number generated by the thread is used to initialize p_ths internal RNG.

./ +define+EX_2 +define+EX_2_3

Commands to run example 3:

./ +define+EX_3 +define+EX_3_1
./ +define+EX_3 +define+EX_3_2
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