My first Python (and Flask) project: a set of tools for iStock contributors.
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What is iStockUtils?

iStockUtils is a tiny project aimed to help me learn Python/Flask while creating something useful for iStockphoto contributors (including myself).

A great way to self-promote on iStockphoto is by adding links to own Lightboxes (using custom graphics and hosting/linking them manually) and related image files in the photo description. Both of these are limited to UBB code. Here's what this ends up looking like: But doing so is super slow and painful since you have to create the lightbox promo images, then also create the UBB code for related images by hand. This tool simplifies both.

This is by no means complete or bug free. There are a number of planned features and other toools, but you can use it as-is for now.

Check it out at