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Subgraph OS Handbook

The Subgraph OS Handbook is a user guide for Subgraph OS, covering basic everyday uses as well as the advanced configuration.

The Subgraph OS Handbook is written in Markdown. This is so that we can have a single source text that can be converted to multiple output formats, such as PDF, DocBook, Epub, and HTML.

The goal of the Subgraph OS Handbook is to provide operating system documentation that is readable and translatable. The handbook is organized into sections for beginners and advanced users.

The current roadmap for this project is the following:

  1. Finish the document conversion framework
  2. Add support for translation such that the single source text can be translated and localized versions of the handbook can be generated for each output type
  3. Finish writing the content, adding graphics, etc.
  4. Publish the finished handbook, including making it available in a Debian package for Subgraph OS, putting sections onto our website, etc.

At this point, the next step will be to undertake having it translated into a few different languages.

Pull requests

The Subgraph OS Handbook is a work in progress. We will most likely not accept pull requests until the framework for generating the document and translation artifacts is complete and the text is mostly written. This is just to maintain consistency (ie: using the same voice throughout, ensuring the text meets the readability guidelines we are targetting, etc.). As the framework is not yet mature, the most important thing at this stage is that the document and translation artifacts build correctly. The bulk of the content is due to be added once the framework is mature.


To build from source you will need to install at least the following build dependencies:

sudo apt install pdftk fonts-lmodern lmodern fig2ps make texlive-latex-recommended \
	texlive-xetex texlive-latex-extra aspell aspell-en diction


Subgraph OS Handbook



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