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About Me

Hi, My name is subhash Lamba and i am software developer by profession. I have 7 years of experience in software development especially in Java and Spring. I learn a lot during my jobs and professional carrier. Many times face issues and spent a lot of hours to find out the right solution and when we face more issue which means that we learing more.

Currently, I am working at a very reputed software company at Gandhinagar as Java Software Engineers. I have spend more time with Java, Spring framework with different modules like Spring boot, Spring JPA, Spring security, Spring MVC,Spring core and many more.

When we have knowledge and if it's limited to only with us then it doesn't make any sence so start to share knowledge with other developers who might be dear beginners or respected seniors. Blogging is one of good platform to share your idea and thoughts about particular topics so i chooses it. After that, I start blogging for which is one of my friend's site.

NOTE: Any cause or concern with an example or article then I am a single person accountable for that, no direct or direct my employer.

Visit my git website :

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Spring Examples

Instruction for clone and run application

git clone
cd spring-examples/[example-name]
mvn spring-boot:run                 // to run spring boot application 

Spring boot microservices

Spring boot Rest service

Spring boot with Gson + Jackson

Spring + Database (SQL + NoSQL)

Spring with multitenancy application Example

Spring + Database Migrations

Spring Security

Spring MVC


This repository contains example of most popular java framework Spring, Spring boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security.








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