Real-time crowd survey application using DeployD and React
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Real Time Crowd Survey using DeployD and ReactJs





  • Go to root directory of project and execute dpd from terminal
  • Visit http://localhost:2403 to see the main page of the project

Project features

Presenter page

Question with a graphical representation of answers is displayed. This page shows realtime polls.


Participant will be able to submit their votes from this page. This page is in sync with the presenter page, i.e. when a presenter changes question, this page will show the current question.

What else?

You can only participate in polls if you are an authenticated user. This may seem a bit clumsy - as a lazy user has to fill out his name, usename, email and password (twice) and has to register "and" login to answer a poll. Therefore, I have added a simpler approach. In this approach you have to enter your name to participate in poll. However, in this approach you will register and login at the same time, but you have to enter your name only.

The registration process is in master branch. And the simpler approach or kind of "no authentication" approach is in noauth branch.

The demo is in no authentication approach.