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[an attempt to bring it back online] A geographical community site for Django developers. Contributors, see the wiki.
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This is an attempt to bring back online and up to date. Very much a work in progress, the plan is to:

  • Remove the lib/ folder in favor of pip requirements
  • Upgrade to django 1.3 by writing tests
  • Migrate the geopy / lat-lng stuff to geodjango

Original README from Simon Willison:

This is an unmodified (except removal of secrets and API keys) dump of the code now running on - the vast majority of which was developed between January and April 2008 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe.

It originally ran on Django r7400, but has recently been updated for Django 1.1.

This code was not originally intended for public consumption, so there are probably one or two eyebrow raising design decisions. In particular, the machine tags stuff for user profiles was an ambitious experiment which I wouldn't mind seeing the back of.

You'll want to place both /lib/ and the root of the repo on your PYTHONPATH, e.g.

PYTHONPATH=/path/to/repo/lib/:/path/to/repo/:$PYTHONPATH python /path/to/repo/djangopeoplenet/ runserver

TODO cleanup imports

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