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Istio Demo


  1. Kubernetes 설치 (Docker for mac)
  2. Istio 설치 (Control Plane + add-on)
  3. Demo Web application 설치
  4. 설정 데모
  5. Add-on 소개

Kubernetes 설치

Docker for mac에서 제공하는 kubernetes 기능을 활성화 합니다.

docker for mac

Istio 설치

istio 프로그램 다운로드

$ curl -L | ISTIO_VERSION=1.0.3 sh -
$ cd istio-1.0.3
$ export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH

istio 설치

kubernetes cluster에 istio 배포

$ kubectl apply -f crds.yaml -f istio-demo-auth.yaml

istio 설치 확인

$ kubectl get pods -n istio-system
NAME                                      READY     STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
grafana-9cfc9d4c9-pwsh6                   1/1       Running     0          6m
istio-citadel-6d7f9c545b-p7fk7            1/1       Running     0          6m
istio-cleanup-secrets-sq7cl               0/1       Completed   0          7m
istio-egressgateway-75dbb8f95d-zg5cw      1/1       Running     0          6m
istio-galley-6d74549bb9-5gzdl             1/1       Running     0          6m
istio-grafana-post-install-btvwm          0/1       Completed   0          7m
istio-ingressgateway-6bd4957bc-fq6rr      1/1       Running     0          6m
istio-pilot-7f8c49bbd8-5r6pt              2/2       Running     0          6m
istio-policy-6c65d8cff4-l42sz             2/2       Running     0          6m
istio-security-post-install-pqv97         0/1       Completed   0          7m
istio-sidecar-injector-74855c54b9-p5t6w   1/1       Running     0          6m
istio-telemetry-65cdd46d6c-x4nbk          2/2       Running     0          6m
istio-tracing-ff94688bb-9nm8j             1/1       Running     0          6m
prometheus-f556886b8-rhg9t                1/1       Running     0          6m
servicegraph-778f94d6f8-gfzdm             1/1       Running     0          6m

Demo Web application 설치

demo 실행

$ istioctl kube-inject -f bookinfo.yaml | kubectl apply -f -

demo 확인

$ kubectl get pod
NAME                              READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
details-v1-847d88f764-h74ws       2/2       Running   0          1m
productpage-v1-6857c89c7d-xjc5w   2/2       Running   0          1m
ratings-v1-bfc5c8ff6-p2lct        2/2       Running   0          1m
reviews-v1-dbfdf6897-tbs95        2/2       Running   0          1m
reviews-v2-79c66bbdd-xwgff        2/2       Running   0          1m
reviews-v3-559fc7cb59-bqsk9       2/2       Running   0          1m

gateway 설정 (bookinfo-gateway.yaml)

$ kubectl apply -f bookinfo-gateway.yaml

웹페이지 확인


Demo application

설정 데모

destination rule 설정 (destination-rule-all-mtls.yaml)

$ kubectl apply -f destination-rule-all-mtls.yaml

9:1 가중치 (virtual-service-reviews-90-10.yaml)

$ kubectl apply -f virtual-service-reviews-90-10.yaml

tom user 분기처리 (virtual-service-reviews-tom-v2-v3.yaml)

$ kubectl apply -f virtual-service-reviews-tom-v2-v3.yaml

fault injection (virtual-service-ratings-test-delay.yaml)

$ kubectl apply -f virtual-service-ratings-test-delay.yaml

retry (virtual-service-reviews-test-timeout.yaml)

$ kubectl delete virtualservice reviews
$ kubectl apply -f virtual-service-reviews-test-timeout.yaml

Add on

prometheus (http://localhost:9090)

$ kubectl -n istio-system port-forward $(kubectl -n istio-system get pod -l app=prometheus -o jsonpath='{.items[0]}') 9090:9090

grafana (http://localhost:3000)

$ kubectl -n istio-system port-forward $(kubectl -n istio-system get pod -l app=grafana -o jsonpath='{.items[0]}') 3000:3000

jagger (http://localhost:16686)

$ kubectl port-forward -n istio-system $(kubectl get pod -n istio-system -l app=jaeger -o jsonpath='{.items[0]}') 16686:16686

service graph (http://localhost:8088/dotviz)

$ kubectl -n istio-system port-forward $(kubectl -n istio-system get pod -l app=servicegraph -o jsonpath='{.items[0]}') 8088:8088
  • /force/forcegraph.html D3.js를 이용한 시각화
  • /dotviz Graphviz를 이용한 시각화
  • /dotgraph DOT 형태로 시각화
  • /d3graph D3 라이브러리를 위한 JSON 결과
  • /graph JSON 형태의 결과


$ istioctl kube-inject -f bookinfo.yaml | kubectl delete -f -
$ kubectl delete -f istio-demo-auth.yaml
$ kubectl delete -f crds.yaml
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