Ruby script that generates SOCKS 5 proxies, backed by Digital Ocean.
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Cloud Proxy Generator

Cloud Proxy Generator is a Ruby script that generates private SOCKS 5 proxies backed by Digital Ocean VPS servers. Proxies are spread out across their available regions, giving you access to multiple IP addresses — worldwide — that can change as you spin proxies up and down. You can spin up 1-N proxies, only limited by the amount of droplets Digital Ocean will let you create.

Something like this comes in handy when you need to…

  • Start a cheap VPN without signing up for yet another online service
  • Avoid getting blacklisted from online sites
  • Get around rate limits or timeouts of online services
  • Mask your real IP address for accessing online services (like watching the Warriors game on NBA League Pass if you live in the Bay Area)
  • Quickly crawl the content of a web site or sites without revealing your true IP
  • Etc…

I wrote it to help me avoid timeout errors validating a list of 400k email addresses, but I'm sure you're already imagining the types of things you could do with such a tool.


  • Ruby 2.3.x
  • A Digital Ocean account
    • (Please use my referral link above so I get credit if you open a new account!)

How It Works

  • Creates N proxy servers using the cheapest Digital Ocean droplet (512mb)
  • SSH tunnels into each proxy server
  • Prints out list of SOCKS proxies
  • Removes droplets on Digital ocean when script is killed

How To Install

  1. git clone to your computer
  2. bundle install

How To Use

  1. Copy config-example.yml to config.yml, read the comments & edit appropriately
  2. Copy database-example.yml to database.yml
  3. Run script/run_until_killed.rb
  4. Press Ctrl-C when you're done