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An Open Source Social Network. Available @ Feel free to contribute and please report bugs if you find any.

If you need help, documentation and other info about Open, please see our blog :

Note that the blog folder is not included in source code. The blog is ran using Wordpress.

The folder "cron" contains the CRON job files. Open the .php file in "cron" folder for more details.

Run On Localhost

Here is a simple tutorial on how to run Open on a Linux Apache Web Server.

1) Install Git by Running the following commands

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install git

2) CD (Change Directory) to the Apache directory by running

cd /var/www/

in Apache Server versions 2.5 and above, the folder is /var/www/html instead of /var/www

3) Now do this to pull the source code from GitHub to the folder "open" in /var/www

git clone open
Now open's files will be in the `/var/www/open` directory

4) Using Replacing Softwares like ([regexxer], replace the string with localhost/open on the directory where you cloned the open repository. Also, there might be URL strings like open\.subinsb\.com in certain files which won't be covered with this replacing. An example is cdn/js/main.js file on open.externalLinks function.

5) Create a MySQL database named "open"

6) Execute The SQL Code in the file tables.sql

8) Open file config.php of Open root directory and set the Database credentials.

9) Go To http://localhost/open to see Open live in action

Libraries used In Open


The @Mentions have been implemented on Open by using jQuery sMention Plugin

PHP OAuth Class. Thanks Manuel Lemos.

Resize image class


Pass "?show_errors=1" with the URL to see the errors, warnings omitted by PHP. Example :